Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World (No.3 is emerging navy)

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It has been said that “in navy, yes you can sail the seven seas”. Well, it is right, but which Navy is capable enough to sail seven sear? At the bottom of this post of top 10 navies you can find the answer.

Navy – second oldest form of warfare – is utterly important for coastal nations. It gives strength to military in coastal area and secure its bay from enemies. Navy fortifies nation’s shores and gives option to launch strikes against enemy from sea. Ultimately, this all adds more power in military’s strength.

But, did you know?

Navy is classified as: blue-water and green-water navy. The core difference is, blue-water is capable to attack thousands of mile away from its basses, while green-water sail near its basses. In the term of power, blue-water navy is way better than green-water. Today, only 7 nations are consider as blue-water navy: US, Italy, UK, China, Russia, France and India. And these 7 are also among top 10 navies. These 7 nations also fall in top 10 air forces of the world.

Historically, when a war carry out, vessels having cannons around combat directly. But in 21 century navy changes, direct combats between vessels are unlikely happen. Now it uses more for surprise attacks, carrying aircrafts, supplying military equipment, and hiding nuclear deep down into the ocean.

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Without any ado, let’s check out “ Top 10 Navies in the world ”.

10) Taiwan (Republic of China Navy)

Taiwan's navy on number 10Total naval assets: 87

Total personnel: 38,000

Aircraft carriers: 0 | Submarines: 4 | Frigates: 20 | Destroyers: 4 | Corvettes: 1 | Patrol vessels: 51 | Amphibious assault ships: 3 | Mine warfare vessels: 8 |

Taiwan an island nation, been in long conflict with China since the revolution in China. Its rivalry against China put Taiwan in complications. International communities avoid to sell any militarist equipment to Taiwan. That’s the reason, now Taiwan has to build its own submarines. At present, it has almost every modern warship except aircraft carrier.

9) Italy (Marina Militare)

Total naval assets: 143

Total personnel: 30,923

Aircraft carriers: 2 | Submarines: 7 | Frigates: 14 | Destroyers: 4 | Corvettes: 4 | Patrol vessels: 10 | Amphibious assault ships: 3 | Mine warfare vessels: 10 |

Italian Navy – formerly called Regia Marina – was established in 1946, right after WW2. Once Regia Marina was 4th largest naval force in the world but lost its glory in WW2. However, its current position is far better than many nations and consider as one of the blue-water navy in the world. Not only it possess leading-edge technology aircraft carrier but also has sophisticated destroyers as well.

8) South Korea (Republic of Korea Navy)

Total naval assets: 170

Total personnel: 70,000

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 15 | Frigates: 13 | Destroyers: 12 | Corvettes: 16 | Patrol vessels: 70 | Amphibious assault ships: 1 | Mine warfare vessels: 11 |

Republic of Korea Navy is most powerful and strongest navy in Korean peninsula. After Korean War, both – South and North Korea – started to build better equipped naval vessels to deter aggression between them. As South Korean’s economy grew, it started to build bigger, larger, and better equipped vessels, leaving North Korea’s far behind.

7) India (Indian Navy)

Indian Navy on number 7Total naval assets: 295

Total personnel: 67,109

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 15 | Frigates: 14 | Destroyers: 11 | Corvettes: 23 | Patrol vessels: 139 | Amphibious assault ships: 1 | Mine warfare vessels: 6 |

In 1612, East India Company created a maritime security force (East India Company’s Marine) to protect British merchants shipping. After 3 years of India’s independence, its navy got the country’s name – Indian Navy. After independence Indian Navy bought naval ships from Russia. Till today India has a large number of made-in-Russia ships, including only aircraft carrier and a nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra. Indian navy is only naval force of South Asia to fall in top 10 navies of the world.

6) France (Marine Nationale)

French Navy on number 6Total naval assets: 180

Total personnel: 36,331

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 10 | Frigates: 11 | Destroyers: 4 | Corvettes: 0 | Patrol vessels: 17 | Amphibious assault ships: 3 | Mine warfare vessels: 18 |

Marine Nationale, also called La Royale, was formed in 1624 is one of the oldest navy in naval history. La Royale played an essential role in establishing French colonial empire. French army has been in war since 387 BC, and the amazing part, fought 168 wars in which 109 won. Such army must has a mighty force to protect its shore – so it has La Royale. 20th century’s technology boom helps La Royale to build well equipped war ships which are one of the best on earth.

5) United Kingdom (Royal Navy)

United Kingdom's Navy on number 5Total naval assets: 77

Total personnel: 33,280

Aircraft carriers: 2 | Submarines: 11 | Frigates: 13 | Destroyers: 6 | Corvettes: 0 | Patrol vessels: 4 | Amphibious assault ships: 2 | Mine warfare vessels: 15 |

4.5 century ago, you were not exist not even your grandpa’s grandpa but Royal Navy – oldest UK armed force. Therefore, it is also called Senior Service of United Kingdom. Royal Navy has extensive history of battles with other European nations – hundred year war with France. It was largest naval force of 18’s until surpassed by USA in WW2; but still best in Europe. Since Royal Navy’s started working, it has been in the list of top 10 navies in the world.

4) Japan (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force)

Japan's Navy on number 4Total naval assets: 154

Total personnel: 50,800

Aircraft carriers: 0 | Submarines: 17 | Frigates: 0 | Destroyers: 42 | Corvettes: 6 | Patrol vessels: 6 | Amphibious assault ships: 2 | Mine warfare vessels: 25 | Helicopter Destroyers: 4

Japan is as good in naval force as it is in economic activities. Japan’s naval force found its traces back in 3rd century at the time of Kofun period, that time its sole purpose was to transport troops. In 1869, Japan officially formed Imperial Japanese Navy with bunch of ships in fleet. Later, after defeat in WW2 its name changes into Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. At present, it has no aircraft carrier, however, possess 4 helicopter destroyers – sometimes called aircraft carriers which they are not in actual. Japan is only Asian country to directly attack on USA’s territory.

3) Russia (Russian Navy)

Russian Navy on number 3Total naval assets: 352

Total personnel: 148,000

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 63 | Frigates: 6 | Destroyers: 15 | Corvettes: 81 | Patrol vessels: 28 | Amphibious assault ships: 1 | Mine warfare vessels: 46 | Cruisers: 4 |

According to World Resources Institute Russia has 110,310km of coastline. Hence, it is obligated to possess naval force enough powerful to defend this whopping coastal area. Russian Navy, well deserved to be in 3rd because of its large number of personnel, submarines, and corvettes. Not only numbers, Russian submarines are consider as one of the best in the world. Additionally, Russia is 2nd only nation with cruisers in its naval fleets.

2) China (People’s Liberation Army Navy)

Chinese Navy on number 2Total naval assets: 492

Total personnel: 255,000

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 68 | Frigates: 51 | Destroyers: 35 | Corvettes: 35 | Patrol vessels: 220 | Amphibious assault ships: 2 | Mine warfare vessels: 31 |

If there is any naval force gained rapid technology and power it must be China only. In 1980 a brown-water navy, 35 years later becomes one of the world’s leading blue-water navy. At present, People’s Liberation Army Navy has large numbers of surface combatants warships along with submarine fleet. Under these circumstances, China is proved to be the leading naval force in Asia.

[Fact] Chinese navy is most powerful naval force from Asia in this list of top 10 navies.

1) United States of America

American Navy on number 1Total naval assets: 430

Total personnel: 323,197

Aircraft carriers: 12 | Submarines: 71 | Frigates: 30 | Destroyers: 60 | Corvettes: 2 | Patrol vessels: 13 | Amphibious assault ships: 10 | Mine warfare vessels: 11 | Cruisers: 22 |

United States Navy was formed in 1775 is now best and most capable naval force in the world by tonnage as well as numbers of sophisticated warships. At present, US has world largest fleet of aircraft carrier (super-carrier), 11 in service, 1 in reserve, and 2 under construction. Its Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is world’s largest warship currently in service. The number speaks itself, US has 323,197 active and 108,515 reserve personnel. Under these circumstances, I have no doubt to say that, US Navy is most powerful and strongest navy in human history: well-deserved to be number 1.

So, which naval force is capable in top 10 navies to sail the seven seas? Obviously, any among 7 blue-water navies are capable to sail seven seas.

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